Is the modern fiber, stronger, durable, lightest, resistant and certified​

We are increasingly aware of the importance of water when it comes to ensuring proper management, from its capture to its storage. The main problem derived from water treatment is due to problems with filtration. In the case of landfills, the leachates that are generated (industrial waste, slurry, etc.) can contaminate the groundwater, hence the importance of adequately waterproofing the slope

To ensure a correct waterproofing of the slope, the recommended material is HDRPE geomembrane for different reasons such as health, mechanical and chemical resistance, comfort and reliability during installation and its cost is affordable. It is a high-density reinforce polyethylene sheet of HDRPE focused on waterproofing reservoirs and landfills.

Why choose HDRPE?

* It is NSF Certified for drinking water & for all aqua uses from tilapia, salmon or trout growing to entertainment ponds, Koi Fish, cascades, water falls or rain reservoir.​
* It is UV protected, safe for fish, NSF certified for drinking water and very easy to use
​ * 40-year durability, over 810 pounds per square inch of force​


* HDRPE has 5-10-15-20-30-40 years manufacturer limited guaranty.
* Maximum per inch resistance.
* It does not require underlay for most uses.
* Best UV protection.
* It is very user friendly.
* Does not contract or expand notably with heat and cold.
* It is fish safe for food production.
* It can be fixed during the life of the liner

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