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Manufactures and Distribuitors

Floridatilapia.com products are 100% made in USA. We are one of the largest manufacturer and distributors of liners and geofibers in the world, and one of the largest in America offering only high quality Membranes under USA superior standards for ponds, lakes, golf courses, mining operations, retention ponds, fish farms, green landscapes, reservoirs, tanks, pools, environmental fills, concrete foundations, tarps, infrastructure and thousands of other uses.

High Quality Standards

Our products have the highest standards in quality for strenght, resistance, duration, guarantees, lab tests to prove it. We count with the best domestic and international certifications in the industry. We have samples available and happy customers in thousands of locations for you to visit.

All liners are brand new, freshly custom cut and computerized welded and tested. We custom cut all our liners from fresh materials with our top of the line computerized equipment.

Usages and Features

We carry all types of fibers for ecosystems, aquaculture, aquaponics, hydroponics and almost all uses. From 6 mills to 120 mills, HDPP, HDRPP, HDPE, HDRPE, PVC, CPVC, Geofiber, Undelay, RX5 and RX8.

– HDRPE has 5-10-15-20-30-40 years manufacturer limited guaranty.

– Maximum per inch resistance.

– It does not require underlay for most uses.

– Best UV protection.

– It is very user friendly.

– Does not contract or expand notably with heat and cold.

– It is fish safe for food production.

– It can be fixed during the life of the liner.

– It does not change color, distills or cracks.


You will receive via FEDEX, UPS or other carriers a BRAND NEW custom membrane with the highest quality resistance and UV protection possible.

Our liners are perfect for all wet uses and dry uses from carpet, tanks, ponds, tarps, covers or any compatible industrial use.

HDRPE 30/40 is 12+ Times Stronger, and 8 times more durable that PVC (EPDM, CPVC, LPVC, PE, HDPE, HDPP) at 45 mills.

You can use them without underlay for water or directly to the frame for temporary roof, shelter, camping, storage, foundations and rest at sure your belongings will be dry for.

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