Pond Liner calculator

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What You’ll Need:

The maximum length and width of your pond (even if it is irregular shaped)

The maximum depth of your pond

Here’s the formula:

1.Maximum length + (2 times pond depth) + 2’ safety overlap = Liner Length

2.Maximum width + (2 times pond depth) + 2’ safety overlap = Liner Length

(Round up length and width at least one foot)

For example:

A pond has a max. length of 10’, max. width of 6’ and a depth of 3’.

10+(2×3)+2=18 (round up to 20’) 6+(2×3)+2=14 (round up to 15’)

You will need a pond liner that is 15 feet x 20 feet.

Pond Salt:

Note: This calculation is for daily maintenance and not to be confused with salt baths for sick fish!

Why do you want to add salt to your pond?

Reduces fish stress by improving gill function (breathing) and their protective slime coat.

Adds electrolytes needed for fish health and can help with some sickness.

Ponds without plants: Add 2 ½ cups per 100 gallons

Ponds with plants: Add 1 ½ cups per 100 gallons


-Adding too much salt to water with plants can KILL your plants.

-And Adding WAY too much salt can KILL your fish!

Please only add salt as directed and feel free to ask a Poor Boy’s associate if you have any questions.

Pond liner calculator

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