Blue Tilapia

Florida Tilapia or Blue Tilapia is a White and grey Ciclid with red or blue fins. It has light stripes or upper darker tones.  Blue tilapia has a flat  spine in center making it very easy to extract white boneless flaky fillets in each side. It is a fast grower and has become the best  selling specie in the fresh and live market worldwide.

Blue Tilapia is  consid1er a  indigenous specie in south Florida even not being original of Florida, but Africa. The Tilapia Nilonica was introduced as canals vegetation control in South Florida in the 1950’s and soon after began reproducing displacing other species. Visitor  call the common seen white tasty fish Florida Tilapia or perch.  In the last 60-80 years, the original Tilapia Nilonica has adapted and mutated to a lighter color skin for better camouflage in the lime rock and white sandy Florida basins. Blue Tilapia began to grow faster, larger, stronger and more resistant to cold water and diseases in its  food abundant, low competition, warm water Florida springs and large system of lakes and water canals.

Today, Florida Tilapia or Blue Tilapia is the most dominant fish in tilapia1Florida and most cultivated in North America for Aquaculture.

Our improved Tilapia is the result of  selectively reproducing only the best of our 1000’s of best growers every years by color, shape, size, and resistance for over 26 years. As a result Our Florida Tilapia or Blue Tilapia out performs all natural or farm raise fish with food conversion close to 1.1 Lb/1Lb in six to eight months.

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